Thursday, 10 July 2014

Over the Starting Line, Round 3

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What I've achieved since last blogging

  • Wrote and sold an article on Fast Drafting which is due to appear in the October edition of Vision for Writers, just in time for NaNo 2014;
  • Created my story's Magic System - the purpose of a Magic System is to serve the story, so creating it once the first draft is written is probably not such a bad idea. Having created the system, I now have some further ideas for scenes and ways to avoid Talking Heads;
  • Mindmapped the Theme of my story and uncovered several more elements to include in the novel, including a secondary character, and also deeper layers to lay down.

Goals for Round 3

  • Finalise all the scene index cards my story is going to need for the second draft;
  • Finish the four flash fiction that I started in Round 2;
  • Set a date in Round 3 to undertake the short story writing challenge in Jim Denney's "Writing in Overdrive";
  • Write and finish 6 more flash fiction;
  • Create an anthology with the 10 flash fiction, ready to indie-publish;
  • Support my team of ROW80 bloggers once a week, most likely every Sunday.
I'd like to get my blog for time-challenged writers up and running and post to it once a week (in addition to posting here for ROW80) but this is a bonus goal - whatever I manage to get done, I'll be happy with!

And please support the other blogs in the ROW80 challenge. :)


  1. Good morning, Lisa. Oh, this was a fun post! I want to learn more about Fast Drafting and that Magic System! Congrats on getting your article accepted. Good news. Re Talking Heads, I've found that drafting dialogue helps me get closer to the characters' inner lives and motivations, especially in a first draft. Interesting ideas to think about. Make it a good week.

  2. Hi Beth and I'm so sorry for the late response!

    One resource I came across to help develop scenes and avoid Talking Heads in Caroline Norrington's scene development template for Scrivener (also in word and pdf format). I must post a link to it.

    Thanks for dropping by, Beth. I hope you've had a good week, too. :)


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