Sunday, 8 June 2014

ROW80 update #2 for June

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This is going to be a very short post. I'm slap-bang in the middle of a viral infection which has affected me, my husband and our little guy. Happily, Little Guy is bouncing back very quickly. It's good to know he has a very healthy immune system. Mine, on the other hand, is not bouncing back nearly as quickly. I'm alternating between feeling hot and cold. My ears, nose and throat ache. My bones feel hollow. I have very little energy, and only Nurofen is helping with the agonising task of swallowing and speaking around the gravel in my throat. The homeopathics I got on Friday have helped me turn the corner, and I should be feeling a bit more like myself very soon.

Goals for last week

  1. Comment on 3 ROW80 blogs at least; commented on five or six if I remember correctly
  2. Finish at least 2 of the flash fics; Er, no. Nada.
  3. Get started on phase 3 of the revision a la Susan Dennard's Revision Guide. No. <sigh>

Unplanned Achievements

  1. I read several writing craft books, and bought two. Writing in Overdrive: Write Faster, Write Freely, Write Brilliantly by Jim Denney and 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love by Rachel Aaron; I already own Write Your Novel From The Middle: A New Approach for Plotters, Pantsers and Everyone in Between by James Scott Bell;
  2. I monitored my writing habits and discovered, to my surprise, that I actually DO write every day. Even when I'm sick. However, I do not work on the same project every day. Some days, journalling is all I'm good for. Other days, my mind is teeming over with ideas for one or other of the current WsIP and I write them down. Some days, I'll prepare a blog post. Or leave comments on other blogs. Some days I want to actually WRITE write - you know, work on a piece of fiction (which up until now is the only thing I've considered proper writing);
  3. I've worked on a writing project which is still in the conceptual stages so I won't say much about it for now. It was inspired by my blog post last week (on writing advice) and the comments I received - thank you all once again! - and it just caught fire in my imagination. Of all the writing-related activities, I worked on this the most.

Goals for next week

  1. Comment on three other ROW80 blogs;
  2. Write the Mirror Moment for my revision-in-progress (RIP? Eeek);
  3. Create a badge for the writing project;
  4. Finish one of the flash fictions (I know Holly's course specifies working on 5 flash fics at once, but I really do not feel up to that right now, so if I set myself a target of one, and reach it, I'll be happy).
And, as always, be sure to check out the other ROW80 blogs. :)


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. It seems that the older we get the more these viruses like to hang around us longer. I am sure you will be back in action soon, but looking at your week, you still were productive for being under the weather.

  2. Hope you are soon kicking that cold out the door! It's pretty amazing to persevere when sick, to feel no progress is being made, and then to write a ROW80 check-in and realize -- Voila! Lots of progress! Those 'classes' with Holly Lisle just help us push away at our goals as well. May the coming week be a good one!

  3. Far out, I think you've done amazingly well, when I'm sick I tend to just give up on the whole concept of writing or editing and hand myself over to the reading gods (although that may just be an excuse to actually sit on the lounge and read all day). Sounds like you did really well despite the illness.

  4. So hoping you and your family are feeling better soon. It's one thing to be sick but when you have little ones, moms can't take the rest they should!
    Loved the comments on your writing - I had put down that I hardly did any writing but looking at your list, I feel a bit better as I did some journaling and blog posts.
    All the best in the week ahead.

  5. @Chris: Yes, this one has definitely knocked me and hubby for six. I'm going to look into getting a tonic for us when I can venture outdoors again. And make bone broths for us to drink every day for the rest of the Autumn and Winter. Marrow bones are full of nutrients, or so I've read.

    Have a good week, Chris. :)

  6. @Beth: I'm really enjoying Holly's flash fiction course. She's a great teacher. And it WAS good to see that I do write every day, because in my mind, if I wasn't working on the novel revision, then I wasn't writing. But that's not true.

    Being knocked sideways from six has to be dealt with, and even if I can't summon up the correct mindset to keep working on the revision just yet, at least I still write. That's something. :)

    All the best, Beth.

  7. @Jody: Thank you, Jody. Yes, it IS hard to keep working on the WIP. It requires energy, and a lot of the time when we're ill, all our energy is going into making us feel better. And reading definitely counts as a worthwhile activity. Writers absorb so much when they read.

    I've been reading 'Writing in Overdrive' by Jim Denney and he's shared some great tips about getting into "the zone" on demand. I'm going to be giving that a go and I'll be blogging my findings here at some stage. :)

    Have a great week, Jodi.

  8. @Beverley: I'm so glad you discovered that you'd written too! If I hadn't been mindful of what I did each day, I could so easily have overlooked the fact that I wrote because I didn't work on my revision. But writing blog posts counts. And journalling. (That's how I process stuff, anyway.)

    Thank you for your kind wishes, and I hope you have another productive week as well. :)

  9. Your books do have a focus on getting more words out there. Will be interested to hear what you think of them. I just posted on my blog about how Hemmingway wrote 91 pages to keep 1 good one, and how I'd have to increase my writing if I wanted to be able to cut that much, so maybe I should get a hold of these books too!
    Good luck with your goals, but don't push yourself too hard while you are still sick. Some writing is always better than none, even if we feel it's never enough.

  10. @Elizabeth: I'm loving "Writing in Overdrive" so far and it'll be good to see how it differs from or is similar to "2k to 10K". I'll definitely post a review about these books here on the blog.

    I don't think I'd be able to toss out 91 pages just to keep 1. I'd be hoping there'd be something salvagable in the 91 pages! It reminds me of that anecdote about Oscar Wilde. Something like he spent the entire morning re-reading his writing and replaced a full stop with an exclamataion mark. And then in the afternoon he changed it back again. :)

  11. Oh, I hope you and yours get to feeling better soon! Good luck keeping up with a recovering child while you're still under the weather!

    I, too, tend to not count my writing if it's not on my actual WIP, when I really should count all the blog posts, journal entries, and social media updates that I post as 'writing' as well. If I were to count that all, I'd be putting out something like 5000 words a day! Of course, I'm such a chatterer online, and hardly ever actually get around to working on my WIP ....

    Anyway, you feel better soon (or else)!

  12. Hope you feel better soon.

    I really got a lot out of reading "2K to 10K." I hope you find it as useful as I did. And I've heard good things about "Novel from the Middle."

    Best of luck with your ROW80 goals!

  13. @Tammy: Thank you for the best wishes. I'm slowly recovering, it's taking its time, but I can see an improvement. Whatever this particular bug was, it sure wasn't friendly! We've been knocked out for the best part of three weeks, last week and this week being particularly bad.

    But writing is never far from my mind; I just have to deal with other priorities and keep the writing-fire simmering while I do that. :)

    Thank you for stopping by.

  14. @Denise: I love Aaron's triangle. It all makes so much sense, and it also ties in with what I'm reading in "Writing in Overdrive". There's much to think about in these two books!

    Thank you for the best wishes and for stopping by. :)


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