Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Contemplating Achievements and Making New Goals

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This is the end of Round 3. Time to look back over my achievements and look forward to the goals for the next Round. I started Round 2 at the last minute and without setting any concrete goals (!!!) so this will be an interesting exercise!

  1. Started revising my fast drafted first draft of TWB;
  2. Wrote the beginnings of four flash fiction pieces;
  3. Read several writing craft books which prompted some brainstorming for the revision;
  4. Learned how important it is not to view an unsatisfactory first draft as a whole and toss it into a dusty corner. Each first draft is made up of parts and some of those parts, be they scenes or images or plot points, are well-worth saving for subsequent re-writes;
  5. Created a love list to remind me why this story is so important to me and to help me stay motivated;
  6. Created a playlist for my heroine's Mask and Identity
  7. Started a new non-fiction project designed to help time-challenged writers start and finish a wip - more on that in the next Round!;
  8. Worked with an illustrator to produce a design that motivates me by reminding me that writing can still happen in short sessions of 15 minutes or so;
  9. Didn't give up on my writing when the whole family came down sick and I fell into a short moment of despair;
  10. Monitored my writing habits and discovered that I DO write daily even if it's not always on the wip I'm revising. I prepare blog posts, comment on other blogs, write down notes, work on other story ideas, journal, and so on;
  11. Started a new writing habit, my version of Julia Cameron's Morning Pages. I write for 15 minutes in my writing journal about anything writing-related;
  12. Created a checklist worksheet (just today in fact) to help me with the revision of TWB. I've triaged the scene index cards and the checklist will help me to see where I need to add more scenes to round out the story;
Goals for Round 3:
  • I'd like to get my blog for writing-challenged writers up and running and post to it once a week (in addition to posting here for ROW80);
  • I'd like to finalise all the scene index cards my story is going to need for the second draft;
  • I'd like to finish the four flash fiction that I started this Round;
And I'll leave it at that. Between now and the start of Round 3 I may have more goals I'd like to add, but these are a good place to begin.

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Have you settled on your goals for the next Round? And for anyone not taking part in ROW80, how do you plan goals, or do you plan goals at all?


  1. I've also come to realize that writing every day doesn't necessarily mean adding words to our WIPs. I've started a character voice journal that I write in daily, do Julia Cameron's morning pages exercise, read books about craft, and make editing notes on my stories--all of which I'd count as writing in some fashion.

    Good luck with your writing!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Denise.

    Today I started writing done everything I did that counts as writing, simply so I could keep track. It's too easy to forget, otherwise.

    All the best with your writing, and see you in Round 3. :)

  3. I look forward to seeing your posts for time-challenged writers! Am always interested in how other people approach their writing lives, since so few of us can afford to give writing 100% of ourselves...

  4. @Sione: No, it's not possible to give 100% to writing, at least, not in the sense of locking ourselves away in a room somewhere. If we did that, we'd soon run out of things to write about - writers have to LIVE and EXPERIENCE. It not only fills up the well of inspiration, it provides all sorts of juicy plot elements; characters, situations, flaws, etc.

    I just have to put some ideas together on the ways a writer can make the most of 15 minutes and then I'll start posting. :)


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