Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Current WIP's "Love List"

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Have you heard of Love Lists? Specifically a Love List related to writing?

If not, check out this post written by Stephanie Perkins on Natalie Whipple's blog:

This is my love list, something I am going to print out and keep to hand as I work through what is turning out to be a terrifying revision.

TWB's Love List
  • A feisty but distant female character with an intense emotional arc;
  • A fantastic playlist that makes me want to write well and do the story justice;
  • A fun and heartstring-pulling friendship/romance;
  • Lots of conflict between male and female protagonists;
  • Someone who is not what they seem;
  • A "finding who you really are" story;
  • Connections between past and present and other worlds;
  • Lots of danger for the protagonists and their friends

Anyone else want to join me in creating their Love Lists?

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