Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fast Drafting for NaNo - Day 2

(copy of post over at Shamrocks WriMos)

I'm trying something new (and crazy?) this year. Fast Drafting. Candace Havens is the creator of this writing method, and the goal is to have a 70,000 wordcount draft written in 2 weeks. That's 5,000 words per day.

Day 1 didn't get off to the start I'd hoped it would. Real Life, don't you know? But I did manage, after about three hours work, to handwrite 12 pages of foolscap to notch up a wordcount of around 3,408 words. That made me very happy once I got over the fact that I hadn't reached 5,000 words for the day.

Today I went to a Write-In at the Gosnells Knowledge Centre where I spewed out 4,501 words in under two hours. (The difference between last night's wordcount and today's is due to 1) writing earlier in the day, and 2) typing instead of handwriting.)

Another 500 words this evening after Little Guy is in bed will take me up to the 5K mark. And perhaps I'll do a bit more than 500 to make up for last night's deficit. By around Day 3 or 4 I hope to be on target, wordcount-wise.

There will be a lot of blog silence this year. Real Life and Fast Drafting are about as much as I can manage with any degree of committment. But I will post some tips and tricks once I've finished my first draft and I work out what's helped me the most.
And to all the other NaNoers out there, keep those pens/fingers moving! Onwards!!


  1. You are nailing NaNo, Lisa--great job! I've known people who have done Fast Draft and loved it, so best of luck with that, too. I was a back-up moderator when Candace was at WANACon--she seems like a lot of fun to work with.

    I am a NaNo rebel, in that I am doing a memoir, and not going for the win at all. I have doubled my daily output, but that is nothing compared to most NaNo'ers.

    I certainly understand about Real Life, which kicked me in the teeth in early October. I hope you manage to carve time out for writing despite RL!

    Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! And congrats on doubling the wordcount. Setting your own wordcount goal and meeting it is the best satisfaction there is. "I did it my way" and all that. ;)

    I've not actually taken Candace's workshop. I've just read up on fast drafting, researched a few techniques, added in some that I've learned since I decided to take writing seriously, and set my sights on a 5K wordcount goal. Day 1 was rocky, Day 3 was challenging, but if I can stick with my MO of Day 2, I should be on a roll. I'm aiming for 2 weeks to get this draft written. 2 weeks for my husband to pick up from where I leave off RL to write is long enough, I think!

    All the best, Elizabeth. :)

  3. I really think there's something to Fast Draft. Haven't done it quite myself, but SF writer Dean Wesley Smith has been doing a blog series where he chronicles his writing every day, and he writes Fast Draft *every day.* O.o It's just a day's work to him (on top of a ton of other stuff). You're doing fantastic - keep up the good work!

  4. I must check out DWS's blog posts, see how he does it! I'm on Day 7 and I can tell you, 5K days are taking their toll!!!

    Thank you for the encouragement. What's that quotation again - "I'll get their alive even if it kills me"? ROFLH (H for 'Hysterically'....)


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