Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rolling along nicely

High Five!
High Five!

Goals from last week:
  • Leave encouraging comments on 5 ROW80 blogs - Done. :)
  • Finish reading and write up reviews for Jodi Henley's Practical Emotional Structure and Elizabeth Greentree's 5 Day Writer's Retreat - I finished the 5 Days Writer's Retreat (excellent resource!!!). I now have to put my notes together to write the review for Smashwords and Amazon. Then I'm going to concentrate on Practical Emotional Structure.
  • Wind down and relax before bed at least four times this week - Done. Woo hoo!
  • Go offline by 10pm at the latest - Er, no. I overdid things this week, and adrenal exhaustion set in which threw my sleep patterns out of whack. And the need for some physical and auditory space meant I stayed up long after my husband and little boy were in bed. I got the space I craved, but at the expense of sleep. I need to do something about this.
  • Go to bed by 11pm - No.
  • Keep a list of all the things I achieve in the week (so I can remember them!) - Yes. And this is an excellent way to feel cheerful about your past week when you look over it on a Sunday morning. :D
  • Write in library for 1 hour three times a week (Mon, Wed and Fri works out really well) - Yes. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning.
  • Work through my fear of it and write the rough draft of the first scene - Yes. My rough draft actually consists of bullet points of what I want the scene to achieve and what I want to include. I like bullet points. :)

Other achievements this week:
  • Parenting:
    • I baked a new recipe - Lemon and Chia Seed muffins - for our Little Gardeners group on Tuesday morning, using the lemons from their garden;
    • I brought Little Guy to a new class, Music and Movement, to see if he liked it. He enjoyed the music and movement part, but the free play after morning tea was quite obviously his favourite bit;
  • Writing:
    • Sorted out my female protagonist's inner need/flaw/conflict; 
    • Worked out how the inner needs of both my protagonists make them a good match for one another. (Jodi Henley's podcast - included in my post below - was the impetus for this work.);
    • Rediscovered the value of 'sleeping on it' - this is something touched upon in Elizabeth Greentree's "5 Day Writer's Retreat" - which involves writing from the hypnogogic state, that time between starting to fall asleep and sleeping, or between being asleep and waking up.
    • Researched articles on internal conflict and flaws, beliefs, values.
    • Did some superficial edits (typos etc.) of another four scenes of my gothic novella;
    • Started reading a craft book on "Breathing Life into your Characters" by Rachel Ballon (affiliate link);
    • I am beginning to get a clearer picture of my writing process and this is something I'll write a post on later. Suffice it to say, most of the writing and publishing articles I've read over the past few years have hindered me more than they helped;
    • Revised and edited a few more paragraphs of my non-fiction Celts ebook and double checked that something I'd included in the first edition was definitely in the public domain. I also came up with one more topic to write on and add to this edition;
    • Discovered a new writing exercise to develop a character in Les Edgerton's ebook "Voice". It involves describing a setting you, the writer, are in but from your character's point of view. Like acting. You become your character and describe the location you are currently in using their words and perceptions. Fun!
  • Volunteer Work:
    • I spent about an hour and a half working on a website that I've volunteered to assist with. I updated the content on the Events page and added some appropriate images. I enjoyed the work very much, but having a better knowledge of HTML would be a benefit. There are some great tutorials on 
All in all, it's been a very productive week. :)

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Update: I completely forgot to list my goals for the coming week, so here we go:
  • Three one-hour writing sessions in the library;
  • Revise three sections of my Celts wip;
  • Read Jodi Henley's Practical Emotional Structure and write and post the review;
  • Leave comments on 5 ROW80 blogs;
  • Lie semi-supine for 15 minutes before bed at least four times during the week:
  • Go offline by 10pm at the latest;
  • Be in bed by 11pm;
  • Keep a list of all my achievements during the week.


  1. Wow, definitely a productive week! I'm interested in your statement that writing resources have hindered your progress. I feel that at times--that I've been overwhelmed and worried about achieving every goal I've read that I don't focus where I really need to. I'm just wondering about your take.

    And I don't know how old Little Guy is, but I recall when my teenage boys were much younger, it was so hard to get that much-needed me time. Hang in there. Carve out what you can.

    Best wishes! Happy writing!

    1. Hi Julie! About those writing resources - the ones I mean are those that say you need to write a book in six months, get it out there, do things quick, quick, quick. Hurry up! You'll be left behind! It's all rush, rush, rush, wham bam!

      And I'm just not that kind of person.

      Give me the time I need to do a good job, one that *I* consider a good job. I have extremely high standards (and I need to work on that) and I want whatever I send out into the world to be worthy of a reader's attention. I want to write the standard of book I enjoy reading.

      And while I'm honing my skills, I need time. It's as simple as that. Rome was not built in a day. :)

  2. Great progress! I like your goal of unplugging at 10pm. I should really try that. I might actually sleep better if I do! Have a great week, and I hope it's just as productive!

  3. Thanks, Kat! It's twenty to ten as I type this... Good thing I checked the clock or I might've been sucked into virtual reality for another hour or more!

    But yeah, computer screens play havoc with your sleep hormones, so the earlier you go offline, the longer your body has to recover and get you ready for sleep. :)

  4. Go you! What a lot of accomplishments!

    I REALLY need to get more sleep. Let's work on that. :)

    1. Hi Lauralynn! Sleep. Yup. That's a priority. One thing I'm going to try is lighting candles once the sun has gone down, instead of switching on an electric light. Not only should that limit the EMFs, but it's a cool way to imagine what living in an alternate reality would be like. :)


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