Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pleased with the results

Writing Achievements:
  • Wrote during three one-hour sessions in the library last week. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning
  • Using the writing exercises from The Accidental Novelist, I have discovered my opening scene and what exactly my heroine is planning to do - and I'm excited about it. It was a very, very productive week. (If you click on the link, you'll go to the old blog and the exercises are in the sidebar under the heading "Start to Finish - What is it?")
Reading Achievements:
  • Finished Into the Bermuda Triangle: Pursuing the Truth Behind the World's Greatest Mystery by Gian Quasar. It's full of fascinating theories and ideas that sparked off a whole lot of What Ifs in my mind as a result. Plus I learned something about how the age of the world is calculated (Charles Lyell and his support of the principle of Uniformitarianism) and why Uniformitarianism may not lead to completely accurate estimates
  • Started Raven Flight by Juliet Marillier - I absolutely love and adore her books. Her name on the cover is enough for me to buy. Magical realism, interesting characters with real problems to overcome, huge stakes, romance... yeah. Great reading.
Parenting Achievements:
  • Bought a bag of compost with Little Guy so that we can put some wicking containers together for herb and vegetable seeds that we're going to plant
  • Completely forgot about the sheep craft activity until Wednesday night (playgroup is Thursday morning) so I frantically read through some internet resources looking for an activity that wouldn't take me ages to organise and set up the next day. Found a cute finger painting activity using black and white paint on green paper. Easy peasy. Phew!
Here's my example:

And here's Little Guy's work:

Relaxation Achievements:
  • Lay semi-supine on the floor two or three nights this week. Not as many as I'd have liked, so I need to work on that
  • Got to bed by 11pm on a few nights. Need to work on this too.
  • Had a wonderful time at the Community Fire last night. Speaking with others who also struggle with daily grind and how they cope has given me one or two ideas to add to my arsenal so I'll be working on that this week. Getting to talk with other people on a deeper level than the superficial day-to-day exchanges is a breath of fresh air, and I was still on a high when I woke up this morning. :)
How I did with my Goals from last week
  • Check in with 5 other ROWers - done
  • Three one-hour writing sessions in the library and continue to explore my story and my characters with the help of the writing exercises - done! And an opening scene roughly outlined as a result
  • Wind down and relax (meditate) before bed at least four times this week - no, did it only about two or three times. I'll have to keep working on this
  • Tidy up at least four more scenes of the gothic novella to ready it for printing - nope...
  • Prepare some fun alphabet activities for Little Guy and do them on three days this week - yes, and we did the activity every day 'cos he enjoyed it so much
  • Put together a sheep craft activity for the toddlers in our playgrou - yes
  • Keep a list of all the things I achieve in the week so I can focus on those and not feel disappointed about what I don't get done - no, I didn't do this. I meant to, and then forgot. Ho hum. There's probably way more stuff I've done this week, but I just can't remember it...

Goals for next week:
  • Leave encouraging comments on 5 ROW80 blogs
  • Finish reading and write up reviews for Jodi Henley's Practical Emotional Structure and Elizabeth Greentree's 5 Day Writer's Retreat;
  • Wind down and relax before bed at least four times this week;
  • Go offline by 10pm at the latest;
  • Go to bed by 11pm;
  • Keep a list of all the things I achieve in the week (so I can remember them!);
  • Write in library for 1 hour three times a week (Mon, Wed and Fri works out really well);
  • Work through my fear of it and write the rough draft of the first scene;
I've just listened to the latest podcast from Jodi Henley on backstory and internal conflict (and how to find the need in two protagonists which draws them together):


  1. You got lots done this week! Congratulations! And huge congratulations on your writing achievements. Those are great! What is The Accidental Novelist? I found a couple of things by that name but didn't see exercises (of course, I could have been looking in the wrong place), and I would love to check it out.

    Have a great week!

    1. Hi Kim! I've edited the post to include the link to the the Accidental Novelist's old blog and the exercises are in the sidebar under the heading "Start to Finish - What is it?"

      I hope you've been having a good week too. :)

  2. Wow, sounds like you got quite a bit done this week, congrats! I like your idea for a weekly achievement list, sounds like a nice, positive motivation :)

    1. Thanks, Alex. Yes, I had to do something other than sniffle over the things I had on my To Do list that DIDN'T get done, so it made sense to write down what I DID do that took up the time required. I can't do everything, and it's far more satisfying to make a note of what I achieve, whether it's planned or not, than it is to say 'Nope, didn't do that... Or that.... Or, yikes, ". :)


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