Sunday, 11 August 2013

Listing the little achievements!

Ok. So I could drive myself insane listing everything I didn't manage to get done this week. Instead I'm going to list everything I did get done.


What I achieved this week: (Definitely deserves a large heading!)
  • Made a weather chart for my little guy - that's it above;
  • Wrote in the library twice this week for an hour each time. The writing exercises are helping me to get to know my characters much better and revealing numerous possibilites for conflict;
  • Had a playdate with another mum and her toddler at our place.Very much enjoyed it;
  • Entertained some friends (plus toddler and baby) Sunday afternoon. Again, we all enjoyed ourselves;
  • Read and finished a Lord Peter Wimsey murder mystery, "Strong Poison". Miss Climpson's appearance and detective work was a howl. :)
  • Managed to lie semi-supine on the floor (a la The Alexander Technique) twice this week while listening to Laura Silva's short relaxation meditation;
  • Left comments on at least 5 ROW80 blog;
  • Read up on some homeschooling articles;
  • Tried out a new recipe for a delicious crust on a roast beef; mustard, salt, pepper, dried taragon and some olive oil if you think it needs it. Cook on a high heat (230 degrees celsius) uncovered for about 15 minutes, then turn oven down to about 190 degrees, and cook covered in tin foil until done;
  • Tried a new recipe for Rooibos Chai Tea (delish!);
  • Did simple edits (mostly typos) on four scenes of the gothic novella I wrote back in 2008. I loaded it into Scrivener and I'm getting it ready to print it off so I can go through it properly and start revisions;
  • Read a couple of online articles on how to create ebooks using html so that they'll show up correctly in the vast majority of ereaders
  • Went through my non-fiction writer's resource on the Celts which I'm thinking of self-publishing. There's a great deal of work involved to get it from its original layout (for Holly Lisle's now-defunct 33 Mistakes series) to my current vision for it;
  • Bought and downloaded print and ebook templates from for the Celts ebook
  • Read an article (via email subscription) on writing down goals and SMART goals. I went looking for a worksheet (I just LOVE worksheets) to help me and this looks to be a good one. 
Goals for this coming week:
  • Check in with 5 other ROWers;
  • Three one-hour writing sessions in the library and continue to explore my story and my characters with the help of the writing exercises;
  • Wind down and relax (meditate) before bed at least four times this week;
  • Tidy up at least four more scenes of the gothic novella to ready it for printing;
  • Prepare some fun alphabet activities for Little Guy and do them on three days this week;
  • Put together a sheep craft activity for the toddlers in our playgroup;
  • Keep a list of all the things I achieve in the week so I can focus on those and not feel disappointed about what I don't get done.
And that's all I can think of for now. I'm off to check in with my fellow ROWers.


  1. It looks like you did a lot this week. Sometimes if I am feeling like I am not crossing anything off my list, I write down what I did as I do it and that way I get to cross it off right away! Whatever makes a girl happy, right?

    1. Right!

      Good idea about writing things down as you do them. Much better than trying to remember them afterwards.

      Thanks for dropping by, Chris. All the best.

  2. Love how you chose to write what you did as apposed to what you didn't. I may have to pinch this idea. I'm tired of my inward groan and disappointment. I have those templates. They're great. And I've nabbed the PDF on making SMART goals. Thanks for the resources, best of luck and more productivity and loved that weather chart, by the way. :) X

    Shah X

    1. Thanks, Shah. Little Guy loves the chart and it's good for fine motor skills as well as recording the weather.

      I hope your shoulder is feeling better. Take care.

  3. I think you've done awesomely this week! That kind of progress is nothing to be sneezed at! :D

  4. Thanks, Emily. I was surprised myself! Funny how if you only focus on one thing and don't get it done you feel you got nothing done! So keeping a listnof all the little achievements is helping. :-)


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