Monday, 1 July 2013

And we're off! Round 3 ROW80

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Goals for this Round:

1. Meditate for 15 mins (at least) before each writing session

 in order to quieten my thinking and become more heart-centred.  I found an amazing guided meditation the other day (The Mindful Writer Meditation by Madhu B. Wangu) and I've listened to two of the meditations over the past three days. I'm astonished already at the result because after a dream near-drought of 2 1/2 years, I've dreamed nearly every night since!


2. Write 25K a month

I think this is an achievable goal. It works out at about 806 words a night. And if I run over, I can treat myself to a night off somewhere during the month. :)



3. Do my homework each week of Brandon Sanderson's class

That's the plan anyway, but I'll have to see what this means in terms of work. If I can use what I'm writing in first draft, great. If it needs polishing, I'll have to give it a miss.


4. Critique two pieces on Wednesday and two more on Friday.

Again, this is for the workshop. We have to critique at least four pieces of our peers' work.


5. Check in with ROW80 every Sunday

Checking in Wednesday and Sunday doesn't really fit my time constraints, so Sunday is a better option.


6. Work on my novel for at least 15 minutes each day

 whether it be a full writing session, or plotting, or jotting down ideas (worldbuilding, plot, characters, backstory, etc.)

And I'm half thinking of writing a future email to myself to arrive at the end of this Round.That could be fun!

All the best to my fellow ROWers!


  1. I'd *love* to take a Brandon Sanderson class! Do you enjoy the class? What is the class about? Good luck with your goals :D

  2. Hi Tanja! I'll be doing Brandon's online novel writing class which you can find at

    It was supposed to start 1st July but there must be a glitch or something happening behind the scenes 'cos it's not up yet. But the 2012 lectures are there (and on YouTube) if you'd like to 'sit in' on a class. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! This is definately going up on my wish-to-do-list :D

  4. That's a great list. Very well thought out and specific. The meditations sound really interesting; I must check those out.

    Also, Alberta wanted to leave a comment but had some techinical difficulties so she says, "alberta reckons goals very do-able and she likes the idea of the e-mail."

    I keep forgetting about the future e-mails. I should set up some reminders and things for myself. Thanks for reminding me! Happy writing.

    1. Thanks, Kim! And thankyou, Alberta!

      I'm finding the Mindful Writer's Meditation a real treat - I have to say, meditating winds me down nicely. :)

      I've had to change my goals, though, but that's ok. I feel comfortable with the new goals and I'm looking forward to working through them this round.

  5. I like the idea of some kind of meditating before writing. Does it help to keep you more focused?

    Great goals, good luck with them, and good luck with the workshop!

  6. Hi Ruth, yes, I've actually found that when I'm not wound up I can focus so much easier on whatever it is I want to focus on. It clears my mind of all the shoulds and have tos which get in the way of clear thinking.

    Now, as to whether this is going to work for WRITING, I can't say as I haven't tried writing yet, but it might be helpful for my pre-planning... I'll let you know via a new blog post. :)


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