Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday 10 April - Check In

Goal 1: To write at least 4 pages longhand in each writing session

I'm pleased that I've managed this every day of Camp so far. Tonight was a challenge - it was Date Night (one of our rare evenings to get a couple of hours to ourselves) and the babysitter was booked. No writing done BEFORE we left the house, so I sat down to do it when we got home. (It wasn't a late night but it was great to catch up!). I flew through the scene and surprised myself with what flowed out onto the page at the same time. And I managed it tonight without the aid of background music from my playlists spilling out of my earphones. Having some idea of what I want to write before I sit down to write it is definitely a big help. It's a focus. I've been thinking about the scene off and on all day and that is perhaps why everything flowed so easily once I sat down to write. And who knows? Maybe that triggers something in the subconscious and that's where the surprising elements sprang from?

Goal 2: Do some writing-related activity even if for only five minutes a day

This goal was meant to cover those days when I couldn't indulge in a full writing session of four pages of foolscap. On those days, I don't have license to forgot about my WIP completely - I want to keep it in mind and ask and answer questions about the story or the characters etc.

Goal 3: Have a first draft almost complete by the end of this Round

As long as I keep up my wordcount and keep thinking about my WIP, this one is taken care of!

And that's my first update for this Round.

(I'm not quite sure exactly how many fellow ROWers I'm supposed to visit, but in order to keep it manageable, I thought I'd follow up with the blogs listed in the linky that share the same (second) digit as mine. e.g. if my blog is listed as number 46, then I'll follow 6, 16, 26, and 36 and so on.)

Ah! The link is up this morning (Thurs) and here's the linky.


  1. Great progress on your ROW80 goals!

    1. Thanks, Lee. I thought that 25K was a respectable and (even more importantly) achievable wordcount goal for the month, so that helps. Each night, in the back of my mind as I sit down to write, I have the urge to do just as well as I've done on the previous nights - no less than 4 pages. I don't want to break the streak!

      The key for me is having a goal I believe I can manage. And the other key is knowing what I want to write before I sit down to write it. I almost came unravelled last night for failing to do that! But a few minutes of working through the blankness in my notebook - what was holding me back - helped with that and I was off and writing again. :)

  2. Nice work, Lisa!

    I found myself doing a lot of longhand writing last year. It really jump-started my imagination. Somehow, the story seemed more intimate, for having words flowing from a pen, rather than the clickity clack of keys.

    And just like you, I found that having the scene sketched in my head allowed me to write quickly.

    Finally, I did a lot of the ROW80 timed writings. They were great motivators.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Joe! Yes, I find the same thing too. If I write longhand, there's more of me in the writing on the page. If I type, there's a distance created. Handwriting is definitely the best way for me to get a first draft onto the page. Typing is for the re-writes and the polishing.

      I must try some timed writing sessions - thank you for reminding me about that. I'm finding that listening to music is a good way for me to keep the internal editior from piping up and I'll give the the timed writing a go too. As long as I know what I want to write before I write it, I should be rolling along nicely.

  3. How awesome is writing in longhand? I do it ALL the time! And then I save all my notebooks so I have those original scribbles to look back on, even though I've found they start taking up a bit of space once there's a few of them!

    (Also, I really like your monthly word count goals with your meters in the sidebar. I may have to steal that idea!)

    1. That's the sticky issue, all right. Storage. I have a cardboard box full of journals! :D But I still prefer longhand to typing - for a first draft, anyway.

      And feel free to use the wordcount meters idea if it helps. :)

  4. I do like word count bars helps me a lot - I haven't divided them into months like you but they are helpful - thinking about the scene during the day works well - and I believe that the imagination goes to work silently inbetwen filling in - all the best for this week:)

  5. Thanks, Alberta. It's great seeing the bar in the wordcount meter get longer and longer! Makes me want to not miss a day. :)


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