Monday, 29 April 2013

Sunday Check In - 28 April 2013

Friday night I passed the 25K mark - woo hoo! And I managed it through small bursts of writing throughout the day, one of which happened while my toddler sat on my knee and pretended to be putting the holes in my foolscap with his fingers. He was happy; I was happy.You just can't ask for more. :)

The wordcount has been validated and so I'm officially a winner of April Camp NaNo. I'm looking forward to the discount for Scrivener because that is going to be my reward for winning. I've been playing with the trial version and I can see the benefits of having Scrivener for the re-writes and for moving scenes around once they're written. There's also a couple of books I wanted to buy as a treat also - Michael Hauge's "Writing Screenplays that Sell" and Noah Lukeman's "The First Five Pages".

I haven't stopped writing - Goal No 3 is to have a finished draft completed (or nearly) by the end of June. Three months for a first draft seems like a reasonable amount of time to accomplish this.

Goal 1: To write at least 4 pages longhand in each writing session
Every writing session bar one I've written at least 4 pages of longhand. And I can't remember from my spreadsheet, but I think there's only three days max when I didn't write at all. And that's where Goal 2 comes into play...

Goal 2: Do some writing-related activity even if for only five minutes a day
This I have done. Even if it's only something as small as writing down some questions I need to answer in the novel, or jot down some islands to write about, or make notes about worldbuilding.

Goal 3: Have a first draft almost complete by the end of this Round
One month over, two more to go!


  1. Congratulations on finishing Camp NaNo successfully, and best of luck with your other ROW80 goals!

    Have a great week,


    1. Thanks, Edward. Onwards and upwards, one step at a time. :)

  2. 25K I'm impressed and congrats on being a April Camp NaNo winner. Your goal number 2 is a great idea.

    1. Thank you, Kate. There's definitely a feeling of accomplishment where I am at the end of April. :)

      Goal No 2 is designed for those days when Life's Merryround catches me up and whirls me away and I can't get my 4 pages written. At least I can still think about my novel and brainstorm and mull over ideas.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!

      Hope you've recovered your writing streak. But don't worry if you haven't yet; sometimes taking a breather is a good thing. You have time to recover and fill up again with lots of ideas and you have the energy and enthusiasm to put them down on paper (or screen).

  4. Yay for winning Camp NaNo! :)

    It looks like you've been busy and productive. Go you!


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