Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday 14 April ROW80 Check In

It's been a productive few days since the midweek check-in, I'm happy to say!

Goal 1: To write at least 4 pages longhand in each writing session
I managed this every evening, although I REALLY struggled on Thursday evening. The problem was I hadn't thought about the scene I was going to write. I didn't even know WHAT I was going to write. I came to the session cold. And it didn't flow. I jotted down some sentences, but they were empty.

So I took out my novel notebook (as I'm calling it) so I could write down what the problem was. And I discovered that I had this niggling feeling that there was another scene that needed to be written before I could move onto the inciting incident. I came to the conclusion that I hadn't developed her inner and outer desire very well, and I wrote down what I knew about these two elements. Then that led to the idea of a scene where her inner and outer desires could be expressed to another character. And that's when the writing session took off with gusto. :)

I find it very helpful to have a notebook to work through my thoughts like that. It makes everything clear. But I didn't count the words in my notebook, just the words I wrote for the actual first draft.

Saturday, I discovered my female character is not Emer any more, but Emma and that works for me. Emer makes her a 1 in numerology which is about authority, wanting to be in control, and could also signify a loner. But Emma is a 6, which is more about healing and compassion. And that fits in way better with her character arc. It's only a small thing and I don't usually take the numerology into consideration, but for some reason this time (probably because I happened to have done it after reading an article) the 1 bothered me. It didn't fit with the way her journey was going to unfold. But that's all sorted now. And it wasn't a conscious decision, Emma just ended up on the page. :)

Goal 2: Do some writing-related activity even if for only five minutes a day
Yup, this one has been taken care of every day. I'm maintaining the writing streak.

In other writing news, I watched some of Brandon Sanderson's lectures on YouTube and they helped me no end develop some details of Emma's character and what she is actively involved in trying to accomplish when the novel opens.

I've also signed up for his online lectures which will begin on June 1st and I'm looking forward to the weekly classes and how they might help me develop the story. By the end of June I'm hoping to have my first draft roughly worked out, so the idea is that the workshops will help me fill in a few blanks or give me some ideas for the edit and rewrites.

You can sign up for his 2013 lectures here if this is something you're interested in. I've read several of Sanderson's books (not Mistborn, though, 'cos it's not in the bookshops I go to - sold out, probably!) and I've thoroughly enjoyed them and his 2012 lectures are really good too. They certainly upped the motivation factor for me.

And in terms of reading, I've started The Pledge by Kimberly Derting. An excellent read so far. Plenty of conflict, potential love triangle, a dystopian society, a ruthless monarch - ticks all the boxes for me.

Hope you're all doing well and have had a productive week!


  1. Lisa,

    May I say that I love your bio?

    I love those times of revelation. I am in the midst of a sweeping saga, and when I get tangled up somewhere, I move somewhere else, and, usually end up making both sections of the story better (and maybe others in the series, too) better.

    I love the energy you are bringing to your challenge! Pleased to meet you!

    1. Pleased to meet you, too, Shan! :)

      What is your saga about? How far are you into it? It sounds like you know the process that works well for you - I'm still trying to discover mine (which is my post on Wednesday is all about).

      Are you homeschooling too? We're going to be homeschooling our little boy when he reaches school-age and I'm having a lot of fun researching the different methods. I think it will be an eclectic mix of unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf and Montessori.

      Thank you for dropping by and all the best with your saga. :)


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