Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Midweek ROW80 Check In

I didn't get any writing done last night. Another priority was placed ahead of it. So I tried something new today. Small bursts of writing all day long. And I think I reached the highest daily wordcount this month by doing it that way!

The plan was to sit down and write for small bursts - maybe five minutes or so six or seven times a day. That would be the time equivalent of one of my usual writing sessions in the evening after Toddler is in bed.

Only it didn't work out like that. I managed two fairly long bursts of writing instead which, between them, got my "four pages of foolscap" goal reached. And then this evening, after Hubby had gone to bed, I got out another four or five pages. So I've more than made up for last night's non-writing.

As regards my goals, then, I'm on track. Camp NaNo is in its final week and I've already passed the 90% mark so I'm well on my way.

Hope you're all having productive weeks too. :)


  1. Hi Lisa! Great to meet you! What you describe above, fitting in short bursts of writing in between the usual life stuff, is similar to how I now do my first drafts. I find that the kiddos are perfectly happy with me sitting with the iPad and keyboard at the dining room table, but as soon as I retreat to the office, they notice I'm working. So writing first drafts in short bursts makes for a happier family and allows me to get more writing time in overall. Also, it works for me creatively, because as I transition between housekeeping tasks and playing with kiddos my mind keeps plugging away on my next scene, and then I'm super productive when I'm actually at the keyboard.

  2. Yes yes yes! This is so true! I was actually doing one of my short bursts with my toddler on my knee this morning. He was pretending to punch the holes in my foolscap with his fingers while I wrote around the moving digits. :) Perhaps it's not the most conventional way of writing, but you know what? It worked. He was happy and I was happy. Win win all round!

    And, as you say, the short bursts lead to lots of ideas while you get on with doing other things, so writing this way can be just as productive (perhaps even more so!) than locking yourself away in a room for hours on end.

    Thank you for stopping by. :)


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